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  • American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    Creative Innovations in Flex, Digital & Microwave Circuits
    ASC understands your technical challenges. Whether you need quick prototypes, a cost effective solution for your flex, rigid-flex, mixed dielectrics or our metal clad PCB’s , we have the experience, the people and the technology to meet these challenges. We compete in time and must go beyond our...
  • SunMan Engineering, Inc.

  • Saline Lectronics

    We’re just a group of honest, hard-working individuals with Midwest values who really enjoy the fast-paced, challenging nature of electronics assembly. Since our inception in 2002, our executive management team has focused on acquiring passionate, talented, and technically-oriented team members...
  • CE3 Electronics Inc.

  • Connor Winfield Corp

    A privately held business in the Chicagoland area, Connor-Winfield has, since its inception, successfully advanced the technology of Frequency Control products in the telecommunications industry. Connor-Winfield's expansion has necessitated over 230,000 sq. ft. of corporate, research, and...
  • University of Oxford Technology: Electronics, Telecoms & Engineering

    The University of Oxford offers one of the finest programmes of short training courses for professionals in the global electronics and telecoms industries. We offer short courses in RF and Microwave Design, Antenna Design, High-Speed Digital Design, Signal Integrity, PCB Design, DSP, EMC, UMTS,...
  • NeuronicWorks Inc.

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
    PCB design, board design: Our team of dedicated hardware and software engineers will prepare the design and the schematics layout for your custom PCB and circuit boards as per your project requirements. We will source for the best and most cost effective components for your board to ensure the final quality meets and...

    We provide in house Electronic Manufacturing Services solutions to meet the fast paced demands of your complex, engineering development and low to mid volume manufacturing. We provide AWARD WINNING PCB layout services with Expedition, PADS, Allegro and Altium. We also provide PCB design...
  • HiGain Design Services

    More than 30 years experience in the design of electronic equipment. Offering engineering support with particular experience in printed circuit board layout. RF, Microwave, Analog, Digital, High Speed, Power Supplies.
  • Tropical Assemblies