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  • American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    Creative Innovations in Flex, Digital & Microwave Circuits
    ASC understands your technical challenges. Whether you need quick prototypes, a cost effective solution for your flex, rigid-flex, mixed dielectrics or our metal clad PCB’s , we have the experience, the people and the technology to meet these challenges. We compete in time and must go beyond our...

    NDK America, Inc. manufactures and markets quartz crystals and crystal devices in North America. Its products include synthetic quartz ,crystal units, crystal oscillators, optical devices, ultrasonic transducers, crystal blank, and frequency synthesizers.
  • Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    UltraCMOS® Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizers : Get maximum signal clarity with our ultra-low phase noise PLL synthesizers: the Integer-N family for demanding LMDS, MMDS, WLL and other base station systems, and our Fractional-N family for handheld and mobile wireless devices. UltraCMOS technology allows monolithic integration for a variety of...
  • SOTCA Inc

    High Performance and Low-Cost L-Band and Ku-Band synthesized frequency converters are designed for use in advanced satellite communication systems. They feature high amplitude linearity, low phase noise, low intermodulation and group delay distortion. An extensive set of monitoring and control...
  • High Sierra Microwave

    Standard and custom products include - portable comb/marker generators, which provide low level signals up to and beyond 10 GHz - Low noise amplifiers from 100 MHz to 6.0 GHz - Frequency converters in the 100 Mhz to 10 GHz region - Bias tees from 50 Mhz to 2.5 GHz - Low noise, low cost...
  • General Electronic Devices

    Custom synthesizers, ECL,Cmos, oscillators, DRO's,amplifiers. Mil quality with commercial cost. Quick turn-around.
  • Tropical Assemblies

  • Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc

    Architecting of the customer concept into a viable and compelling IC design, and supply of unit parts.
  • EM Research Inc

    SBC Series: Fast Switching, Multi-Octave Frequency Synthesizer features Low Phase Noise, Fine-Tuning Steps. Applications include: •Ground Based Earth Station •Radar System LO •Downconverter Fixed LO •LO for test systems •Space, ground based testing •Lab Source Options include external or...
  • APA Wireless Technologies Inc

    Developer and Manufacturer of high performance Oscillators and Synthesizers for the broadband fixed wireless market. Including our YRO Technology (Yig Replacement Oscillator)that frees your system to reach much higher performance levels. APA also offers electronic contract manufacturing as an...