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  • ECCOPAD® By Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc

    UHF-xx Isolator Becuase UHF antennas are so variable in design (and hence, input impedance), this two layer material is taylored to the application, which is defined by the chipset in question. The technology employs "impedance tuning", which matches the electromagnetic parameters (real &... Read More
  • ECCOSHIELD® By Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc

    Electrically Conductive Shielding Materials Read More

    Devens, MA - Response Microwave, Inc. a global specialist in providing RF/Microwave customer solutions for the defense and telecommunications market, is pleased to announce the availability of it’s new TESTCABLZ family of robust test cables for use in production test applications. The new... Read More
  • EDX SignalPro with the Network Design Module By EDX Wireless LLC

    The principal building block of EDX’s comprehensive line of wireless network engineering tools, it is appropriate for any system, including broadband wireless WiMAX, LTE, cellular and other mobile radio systems. It offers all of the study types you need to design a basic wireless network,... Read More
  • EFI Alloy 50 Soft Magnetic Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    EFI Alloy 50 Soft Magnetic Alloy, also known as Magnifer 50, Carpenter High Permeability 49, Alloy 4750, is a soft magnetic alloy consisting of 49% Nickel, and balance Iron. Alloy 50 is used where high initial permeability, maximum permeability, and low core loss is needed in applications such... Read More
  • EFI Alloy 79 Soft Magnetic Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    EFI Alloy 79 Soft Magnetic Alloy, also known as Magnifer 7904, Carpenter HyMu 80, Hipernom, Moly-Permalloy, and Permalloy 80, is a soft magnetic alloy consisting of 80% Nickel, 5% Molybdenum, and balance Iron. Alloy 79 is used where extremely high initial & maximum permeability and minimum... Read More
  • Electromechanical Matrix By Dow-Key Microwave Corp

    Dow-Key Microwave heavily focuses on providing the best and most reliable switching systems to the ATE industry and we have been successful in our mission since 1999. In automated test systems, the critical role switching segment plays in the overall testing is often overlooked and taken for... Read More
  • Electronic Packaging By Kyocera America, Inc.

    Kyocera America, Inc. (KAI) has been manufacturing ceramic packages in San Diego, CA since 1971. KAI offers an extensive array of semiconductor packages and complex modules for numerous applications including RF, millimeter wave, high-reliability, phased array radar, and telecommunications.... Read More
  • Electronic Power Components By Electrocube, Inc.

    Electrocube is a capacitor manufacturer known for its capacitor designs with thousands of precision-wrap and fill, oval/round/flat and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors. Read More
  • EMC Video Cameras By Raymond RF Measurements Corp.

    Raymond RF Measurements Corp. specializes in the design, manufacture and testing of RF Shielded EMC Video Cameras which are utilized to monitor test set-ups within an RF shielded enclosure without degrading the shielded enclosures RF shielding effectiveness Read More
  • EMI / EMC Testing By Qualtest

    The Qualtest EMI Test Facility has expanded from 4,100 to 8,400 square feet! Two shielded EMI Test Enclosures were also added along with more equipment and test personnel to support the increased demand for this important area of testing. In addition, test capability was expanded to include... Read More
  • EMI Filters By LCR Electronics, Inc.

    LCR Electronics now offers two new series of EMI Filters for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) shielded rooms. The 058 series filters are designed to mitigate any unwanted EMI noise through MRI room telephone, alarm and data lines. The UL-recognized 059 series filters provide EMI suppression... Read More
  • EMIT By CST of America

    EMIT’s unique multi-fidelity approach to predicting cosite interference provides rapid identification and “root-cause” analysis of EMI issues in complex RF environments. - Predict in-band and out-of-band interference effects for all Tx/Rx pairs in the scene - Multi-fidelity modeling approach... Read More
  • EMS By Chung Nam Electronics Co. Ltd.

    CNE is the valued added electronics manufacturing service(EMS) company. We have comprehensive design for manufacturing methodology to make your concept to become the product in the market. We have comprehensive sourcing methodology & Supply chain management system to make your... Read More
  • E-SHIELD EC-1116 By Microsorb Technologies

    E-SHIELD EC-1116 is a two-component,nickel filled, electrically conductive, epoxy adhesive. This system was developed to provide a good balance of low cost and high conductivity. MICROSORB Technologies offers convient packaging for the system, for ease of application. EC-1116 can be packaged... Read More
  • ESP Series By EM Research Inc

    The ESP-100 and ESP-200 from EM Research were designed as local oscillators in high level mixers designed to test picocell and femtocell base stations. The ESP-100 and ESP-200 operate fixed at 100 MHz and 200 MHz, respectively, and feature extremely low phase noise, (<-130 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz,... Read More