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  • Fabrication By Hughes Circuits Inc.

    Hughes Circuits Inc. (HCI) has a complete bare board fabrication facility with all manufacturing processes in-house. When you place an order with HCI, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a middle man. Our domestic production is focused on advanced technology, high quality, and... Read More
  • fastFilm Laser Ablatable Chip Packaging Substrate By Taconic

    fastFilm 29 is a thin, laser ablatable substrate consisting of PTFE and a high concentration of ceramic. The very low 20 ppm/C Z axis expansion creates a reliable substrate for chip packaging. This non-reinforced core material is very homogeneous and suited for RF and digital applications which... Read More
  • fastRise(TM) By Taconic

    Multilayer non-reinforced prepreg designed to eliminate skew in differential transmission lines and eliminate Dk fluctuations caused by fiberglass in filter and coupler applications. fR-27 is a low temperature alternative to thermoplastic films in military designs. Read More
  • FerriShield Products By Leader Tech

    For more than 25 years, FerriShield ferrites have been the preferred cable shielding solution for many of the world’s leading EMI Shielding Distributors,Sales Representatives and OEM’s. Since acquiring the company in 2006,Leader Tech has embraced the FerriShield philosophy of maintaining... Read More
  • Filter Inserts By EMI Solutions Inc.

    EMI Filter that slides into your existing connector and provides de-coupling capacitors on all pins. These are customizable to meet your specific needs on a pin for pin basis. Read More
  • Filter Modules By EMI Solutions Inc.

    Filter transition module which incorporates EMI Filtering as well as Transient Suppression. Customizable as required. Read More
  • Filtered Connectors By EMI Solutions Inc.

    EMI Filtered connectors with filter performance from Chip Capacitors to Pi Filters. Available with Solder cup or PC Tail terminations. Read More
  • Filtered Power Entry Modules By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    F2100/F2199/F2200 Series - For common mode emissions or susceptibility applications - Integral IEC connector in space-efficient package - Ideal for linear power supplies in digital equipment - Ratings: 3, 6, 10 amps F2300 Series - Protection from pulsed, intermittent, or continuous... Read More
  • Filters By ComNav Engineering Inc

    Custom designed, Moderate to high volume LC, Ceramic, Cavity, and Waveguide commercial, industrial and military microwave filters Read More
  • Finger Stock EMI Gaskets By Leader Tech

    Leader Tech offers many standard off-the-shelf Finger Stock EMI Gaskets as well as the engineering and custom manufacturing experience to help you solve your application. Whether you need one prototype or a large quantity order, our EMI Shielding Team at Leader Tech is available to respond to... Read More
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits By American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    Flex and rigid-flex circuits have found wide use in electronics packaging. Some of the benefits of this form of packaging are: - High Reliability - Repeatable installations - Harsh environments - High Vibration - Conductor patterns maintain uniform electrical characteristics. Can predict and... Read More
  • Flex and twistable flex waveguide sections By M2 Global Technology

    Flex waveguide is available in lengths up to 4 feet, in seemless brass, for waveguide sizes from WR28 through WR 284. Twistable flex is available in lengths up to 10 feet, for waveguide sizes WR28 through WR284; neoprene jacketing is available. Most flange options are available, and finishing... Read More
  • FlexFit™ flexible cable assemblies By Teledyne Storm Microwave

    Highly flexible miniature assemblies provide an option in cases where Storm Flex® 047 is too stiff or its flex life is too short. Ideal for applications requiring extremely low flex force. Stable microwave performance through 500,000 flexures. Well suited for use with tiny blindmate interfaces... Read More
  • Flexible Coaxial Cable and Assemblies By Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) Inc

    Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) manufactures high performance microwave coaxial cable and assemblies that yield very low insertion loss characteristics, high power capability and are amplitude and phase stable on a level not readily available in the microwave industry. This product line has... Read More
  • Frequency Control By Richardson RFPD, Inc.

    RF/Microwave applications such as broadcast, Radar, WiMAX, GPS, cellular infrastructure, CATV, HDTV, and satellite transmission all require "frequency-agile components" in many blocks of the circuit design. The larger RF, wireless and microwave system solution relies on filters, oscillators,... Read More
  • Frequency Counters By Phase Matrix, Inc.

    Phase Matrix EIP®-brand of frequency counters bring the highest levels of capability and reliability to all microwave and millimeter-wave applications. The broadest frequency ranges available, high sensitivity and 32-watt continuous input protection make these counters ideally suited for... Read More
  • Front-end Low-noise Amplifiers for Set-top Box Applications By Skyworks

    Skyworks offers two new broadband, 75 Ohm MMIC front-end, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) designed specifically for set-top box applications: the SKY65450-92LF (with bypass mode) and the SKY65452-92LF. These devices provide high linearity and excellent gain over a wide frequency range (40 MHz to 1... Read More
  • Front-end Modules for Smart Energy-Connected Home and Automation 802.15.4, ISM and ZigBee® By Skyworks

    Designed with cost and space savings in mind, Skyworks Front-End Modules combine the company's industry-leading power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifiers (LNA) and switch functions into single low-cost, laminate-based multi-chip modules (MCM). Key features of the transmit FEMs include... Read More
  • FST Series By EM Research Inc

    Extremely fast switching synthesizer, <1 µSec. Power consumption< 1 watt. Frequencies from 20 to 6600 MHz. Supply voltage +5 VDC @ 500mA. Available step sizes down to 1 KHz. Phase noise (Fout = 6 GHz) <-115 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz. FST Series, designed for extremely fast switch speeds of less than... Read More
  • Fully Integrated and High Linearity Sub 1 dB NF Low Noise Amplifiers By Skyworks

    Skyworks Solutions offers Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) products meeting the needs of cellular infrastructure, WLAN, WiMAX, ISM, and all applications requiring low noise amplifiers from DC to 6 GHz. Skyworks offers MMIC products in Enhancement Mode (E Mode LNA) and Depletion Mode (D Mode LNA) pHEMT... Read More