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  • G2 Series By Universal Switching Corportaion

    Our Series G2 product line has been introduced for a new millennium where demands for performance, quality and cost effective switching products are in high demand. Series G2 modules provide a flexible solution to most switching applications in the communications, ATE and broadcast industries.... Read More
  • GaN Power Amplifiers Up to 40 Watts By CTT, Inc.

    CTT’s GaN power amplifiers are configured specifically for high output power, small size and high operating temperature range. The design of this family of power amplifiers has evolved from CTT’s long experience in MIC technology, in combination with the utilization of the latest available GaN... Read More
  • GigaWave Viewer By SynaptiCAD the Timing Diagram Editor Company

    GigaWave Viewer combines SynaptiCAD's WaveViewer with our high-performance gigawave compression engine to create the lowest cost waveform viewer capable of handling multi-gigabyte VCD files. Gigawave viewer also comes with a PLI-based library (coming soon) that can be integrated with your... Read More
  • GrooveTube® Low Loss Cables By MegaPhase LLC

    This system cable is made with our industry-leading GrooveTube® and is used in any application where low loss and/or phase stability are critical. Uses include phased array radar, electronic warfare radar systems, and high reliability interconnects. MegaPhase's 1 and 2 Series cables are ideal... Read More