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  • Harsh Environment Packaging By Empower RF Systems, Inc

    Many of Empower’s standard modules can be adapted to be installed into an “All environment” rated enclosure. Options that have been integrated into our harsh environment, systems enclosure include: -Flexible supply voltage (AC or DC) -T/R Switch or dummy load connection or test RF port... Read More
  • HD Series By Antenna Factor

    This reduced-height 1/4-wave antenna is ready for years of use thanks to a flexible internal helical that is overmolded with a heavy-duty protective jacket. It's an excellent choice for outdoor applications or for use in adverse environments where the antenna must resist shock, harsh weather,... Read More
  • High Current DC Filters By NexTek, Inc.

    High Current DC Feedthrough Filters 30 to 400Amps+ Extremely Compact & Rugged Custom Requests Welcome Read More
  • High Current Terminal Blocks By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    71000 Series - .629" (15.98mm) DIN Rail/Base Mount Terminal Block - High Current: 86 Amps at 600 Volts - Finger safe design - 22 AWG to 2 AWG wires - UL and CSA approved CDM Series - 35/64" (13.86mm) Versatile Medium Power Terminal Blocks - 30 Amps at 600V - Brass terminal bars -... Read More
  • High Isolation 5-Watt Power Divider / Combiner By Broadwave Technologies Inc.

    BroadWave Technologies announced the development of a new series of high isolation 5-Watt average power divider / combiners for antenna sharing, telecommunication infrastructure and test system applications. Model series 152-085-XXX* are 50 Ohm units available in 2, 3 and 4-Way configurations... Read More
  • High Isolation, Broadband RF Switches for Internet of Things Applications By Skyworks

    Skyworks offers a family of high isolation (47 dB) multi-throw switches for 0.7–3.0 GHz Rx switching. The SKY13522-644LF, SKY13523-639LF and SKY13524-639LF are designed for switching single-ended Rx SAW filters in cellular handsets. Consuming less than 10 µA of current, they are ideal for low... Read More
  • High Performance/Switching Applicaiton RFI Power Line Filters By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Designed for applications where high performance noise attenuation is required. Applications include EMC compliance of switching power supplies, motors and fans, solid-state relays and other equipment requiring superior attenuation across the conducted RF band. F1400 Series - Compact case... Read More
  • High Power Terminations By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Kete Microwave supply a complete line of coaxial and 50 ohms high power terminations. These RF terminations are designed and manufactured with high quality materials to guarantee good and stable performance. The resistive components are available RoHS Compliant. High power terminations are used... Read More
  • High Q Ceramic Capacitors By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    KEC70B Series Key Specifications/Special Features: ◇ Low ESR/ESL, High Self-Resonance ◇ Low Noise, Ultra-Stable Performance ◇ High Q, High Power ◇ Capacitance Range: 0.5-5100pF ◇ TCC: 0±30ppm/℃ ◇ RoHS Compliant Read More
  • High Reliability DC to 6 GHz Hermetic GaAs IC SPST Non-reflective Switch By Skyworks

    Through its Isolink subsidiary, Skyworks introduces a low-loss, high performance wideband DC to 6 GHz hermetic GaAs IC single-pole, single-throw (SPST) non-reflective switch. The ISO13316 is ideal for high reliability space, satellite, and defense applications. The device performs with 45 dB... Read More
  • High Reliability DC to 8 GHz Hermetic GaAs IC SPDT Absorptive Switch By Skyworks

    Through its Isolink subsidiary, Skyworks introduces a low-loss, high performance wideband DC to 8 GHz hermetic GaAs IC single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) absorptive switch. The ISO13286 is ideal for high reliability space, satellite, and defense applications. The device performs with 50 dB... Read More
  • High Speed PCIe Digitizers for PC Oscilloscopes By Signatec by DynamicSignals

    GaGe high-performance PCIe digitizers are renowned for sustaining the maximum effective number of bits (ENOB) over a wide signal frequency range with quality signal conditioning and signal fidelity features. GaGe PCIe digitizers also lead the data acquisition industry for onboard digitizer... Read More
  • Highly Integrated 5 GHz WLAN Front-end Module By Skyworks

    A highly integrated 5 GHz WLAN front-end module for reference designs targeting smartphones and tablets in a 2.5 x 2.5 mm, QFN package. The SKY85702-11 incorporates a power amplifier and a SPDT transmit and receive switch for mobile/portable 802.11ac applications and systems. The... Read More
  • High-Speed PCIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators By Signatec by DynamicSignals

    PXDAC4800: High-speed 1.2 GS/s 14-bit or 8-bit 4-channel arbitrary waveform generator PCIe DAC card with AC or DC coupling. PXDAC-ADC2x2: High-speed combo 2-channel 1.2 GS/s 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator + 2-channel 400 MS/s 14-bit digitizer PCIe card with onboard FPGA processing... Read More
  • High-Speed Signal Recording Systems By Signatec by DynamicSignals

    Signatec has a long history of providing high-speed data recording and playback solutions. This expertise in delivering real-time systems saves customers time, and eliminates uncertainties when buying gap-free recording solutions. By providing turn-key hardware and software bundles, we provide... Read More
  • Hiperco 50 Soft Magnetic Alloy Rod, Coil, Strip By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Hiperco 50 is an alloy of 49% Cobalt, and 2%Vanadium, balance Iron. This alloy exhibits the highest magnetic saturation of any commercial alloy and excels in applications where this attribute is needed. This alloy has higher mechanical strength than other soft magnetic alloys. Ed Fagan Inc.... Read More
  • HW Series By Antenna Factor

    HW Series antennas deliver outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. The 315MHz, 418MHz and 433MHz monopole versions have a 1/4-wave element. The 868MHz, 916MHz and 2.4GHz dipole versions have a center-fed 1/2-wave element with an internal ground reference. The... Read More
  • HWR Series By Antenna Factor

    HWR Series antennas deliver outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. The articulating base allows the antenna to tilt 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. The 315MHz, 418MHz and 433MHz versions have a 1/4-wave element. The 868MHz, 916MHz, 1.4GHz and 2.4GHz versions... Read More
  • HXI Gigalink E-Band Radios By Renaissance Electronics and Communications LLC

    High-Performance 1.25Gbps E-Band Radios Link for Light-licensed deployment Operating Range Minimum to Maximum Distance 20 m to 5,200 m Millimeter Wave Performance Frequencies covering 59.0 to 76.0 GHz Check website for which Radio is most appropriate for you needs. RF Injection Power into... Read More
  • Hybrid Couplers By MECA Electronics, Inc

    3 dB, 90° hybrid coupler is a four-port device that is used either to equally split an input signal with a resultant 90° phase shift between output signals or to combine two signals while maintaining high isolation between them. Now available in 7/16 DIN! MECA’s line of high power 3 dB, 90°... Read More