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  • Impedance Matching Pads By Broadwave Technologies Inc.

    BroadWave Technologies has a complete line of impedance matching pads for Satellite Communications applications. Impedance matching pads from BroadWave eliminate impedance discontinuity (mismatches) without introducing reflection to the circuit. Model 851-879-FM2 is a 50 to 75 Ohm impedance... Read More
  • Industrial Ethernet M12 By METZ CONNECT USA Inc.

    For the PCB connection of Ethernet M12 connectors, we offer jacks for the D-coded version for through-hole or front mounting. For the PCB connection of Ethernet M12 connectors type X, we offer the PCB jack for front mounting as well as the direct THR-capable PCB insert. Read More
  • Intelligent Reference/TM-4 By Spectrum Instruments Inc.

    A small and versatile GPS Timing and Frequency instrument. Features include GPS-disciplined 10 MHz frequency reference, 1PPS precision timing reference, IRIG-B serial time code generator, Event Time-Tag, Programmable Output Pulse, and GPS navigation information in both NMEA format and simple... Read More
  • Intelligent Reference/TM-5OEM By Spectrum Instruments Inc.

    A GPS Timing and Frequency reference circuit-board module in an industry-common form factor. Features include GPS-disciplined 10 MHz frequency reference, 1PPS precision timing reference, multiplexer TTL divide-down outputs, and GPS timing information in standard NMEA-0183 protocol. Fully... Read More
  • Invar Alloy Sheet from Stock By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Invar Alloy, also know as Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36, and Invar Steel, is a Nickel Iron controlled expansion alloy with 36% Nickel and the remaining balance Iron. Invar exhibits extremely low expansion around ambient temperatures, making Invar particularly useful in applications where... Read More
  • Isolators & Circulators By Renaissance Electronics and Communications LLC

    RF & Microwave Ferrites Low Loss Circulators, Isolators, WiMAX Products Renaissance RF & Microwave Circulators and Isolators feature Low Loss, Low IMD performance. Our high quality products are suitably used in a broad range of applications from WiMAX, Digital TV, PCS, MMDS and LMDS among... Read More
  • Isolators/Circulators By Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) Inc

    ATM manufactures a selection of Coax Isolators/Circulators up to 40 GHz. Read More