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  • 0.7 - 1.2 GHz Very High Linearity, Active Bias Low-Noise Amplifier - SKY67111-396LF By Skyworks

    A 0.7-1.2 gigahertz, single-die cascode, gallium arsenide (GaAs), pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) low-noise amplifier (LNA) for cellular infrastructure applications such as tower-mounted amplifiers, remote radio units, repeaters, and base stations. The new LNA offers... Read More
  • 1.85mm adapter By Cmpter Electronics

    Impedance: 50 Ω Body: Stainless Steel, Passivated Pin Contact: Beryllium Copper Alloy,Gold-plat Insulator: PEI Frequency range: 0~65 GHz VSWR: 1.25:1 Read More
  • 10 - 2100 KHz / SMD Ceramic Package By Micro Crystal

    These SMD ceramic packages, 100% lead-free package, leadfree Process Suitable, have been specially designed for small industrial, telecom and electronic applications. The parts are supplied in tape and reel for easy pick and place mounting. Read More
  • 1094xB series By Universal Switching Corportaion

    Large scale communication installations require State-of-the-Art equipment. The 1094xB series provides the systems professional with an uncompromising combination of high performance and high reliability switching elements coupled together for performance (DC-18GHz available). Standard redundant... Read More
  • 18 GHz Test Cables By RF Connectors

    Test grade cables are desired in applications where multiple connector attachment and continuous flexing demands are a priority. RF Industries now offers a line of 18GHz precision test cables in standard or custom lengths, suitable for production or lab environments. Featuring high-grade,... Read More
  • 2.3 – 2.8 GHz Two-Stage, High Linearity and High Gain Low-Noise Amplifier By Skyworks

    Skyworks introduces a 2.3 – 2.8 gigahertz, two stage, high linearity and high gain (32 dB) low noise amplifier that offers very low noise figure (0.85 db) and excellent return loss (15 db) in a small 4 mm square quad flat, no lead package. The on-die active bias design ensures consistent... Read More
  • 27 GHz Wideband Downconverters & Signal Recording Systems By Signatec by DynamicSignals

    Wideband downconverters with Signatec/GaGe High Speed Digitizers, allow for complete real-time signal recording and analysis systems covering frequencies up to 27 GHz. Featuring breakthrough frequency and bandwidth coverage for their size and cost, these downconverters are available with 3... Read More
  • 32,768 kHz Oscillators / Low Power Tuning-Fork-Crystal technology By Micro Crystal

    Ultra Low Power Clock. As System-in-Package solution, these Oscillators combine the 32.768 kHz crystal unit with the CMOS-based oscillator circuit in a miniature SMD ceramic package. Ultra Low Power oscillators with power consumption as low as 250nA are made possible through 32.768kHz... Read More
  • 32500 Series - .325' (8.25mm) Single Row, Barrier Style Terminal Blocks By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    • Complete Line of .325" Offset Blocks – Including base mount, P.C. Pin, wire wrap, turret, and right angle terminals • Open or Tri Barrier Designs – To meet your wiring requirements • UL & CSA Recognized – With a 94 V-O flammability rating • Molded in Standoffs – To aid in the board... Read More
  • 3db Hybrid Coupler By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Key Features: ◇ High Isolation, Low Insertion Loss ◇ High Directivity ◇ High Power Handling ◇ N or SMA Connectors ◇ Wide Operating Temperature ◇ Custom Design Available Upon Request Read More
  • 3DESIGN By Vision Numeric USA Inc.

    Dazzle your customers, attract new clients, and enhance your creative process with 3DESIGN CAD, the only professional jewelry design software available for both Macintosh and Windows. Through its artistic user interface you will become a master at creating 3D models and renderings. 3DESIGN’s... Read More
  • 4 Port Multiport Circulators By UTE Microwave

    Where additional isolation is required, 2 or more junctions can be combined into a single package. Units are available in most frequency ranges - including octaves, most common connectors, etc. Typical units are listed below. Port 3 is terminated with a 1 Watt load. 4 Port Circulators H -... Read More
  • 50 Ohm Fixed Attenuators By Broadwave Technologies Inc.

    Model 354-129-XXX is a 50 Ohm fixed attenuator. This 1 Watt unit is available in standard BNC male / BNC female configurations (other gender, connector types and impedances are available). Model 354-129-XXX is rated DC-2500 MHz, 1-40 dB in 1 dB value increments and 1.40:1 maximum VSWR.... Read More
  • 6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter By TRS-RenTelco

    The Agilent 34401A multimeter is a tool kit of useful testing functions. In addition to the standard functions you've come to expect from a high quality DMM, you also get many other capabilities, from min/max/avg to built-in limit testing. 6.5 digit precision measurements means you can make... Read More
  • 60 GHz Power Amplifier HHPAV-362 By Renaissance Electronics and Communications LLC

    Description The HHPAV-362 Power Amplifier covers the frequency range from 59 to 61 GHz and is usable to 65 GHz. Amplifier output power is +27 dBm (PSAT). MMIC technology is employed for high reliability and repeatability. The amplifier can be used in transmitters for communication and radar... Read More
  • 7.9-8.4 GHz High Power Isolator By M2 Global Technology

    M2 Global has released the latest in their line of high power drop-in isolators, operating from 7.9 to 8.4 GHz with forward and reverse CW power ratings of 40 Watts. The electrical performance is better than 0.4 dB insertion loss, -20 dB isolation, and VSWR of 1.22. The package footprint is... Read More
  • 75 Ohm Switches for Set-top Box and CATV Applications By Skyworks

    Skyworks offers two new SPDT 75 Ohm switches that are ideal for set-top box and DVR applications. The SKY13547-490LF and SKY13548-385LF feature ultra-high linearity and meet the rigorous requirements of DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 applications. They also boast very low insertion loss and high power handling... Read More
  • 8- 30 MHz / AT-Cut Quartz Crystals By Micro Crystal

    This 100% lead-free SMD ceramic package has been specially designed for small industrial, telecom and electronic applications. The crystals are supplied in tape and reel for easy pick and place mounting. Upon request, they can be delivered in special trays. Read More
  • 8.5-digit Multimeter By TRS-RenTelco

    The Agilent 3458A Multimeter is a high performance DMMs that provides both speed and accuracy in the R&D lab, on the production test floor, and in the calibration lab. The Agilent 3458A saves time and money with unprecedented test system throughput and accuracy. Select a reading rate of 100,000... Read More