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  • RA Series By Antenna Factor

    The RA Series offers maximum mounting and orientation flexibility in a cost-effective, reduced-height package. The antenna's innovative articulating base allows it to tilt and rotate for optimum orientation. The RA mounts to a PCB via a single screw and meets Part 15 requirements. Read More
  • Radio-Frequency Devices By Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

    Toshiba offers broad line up of Radio-Frequency devices which include MOSFETs, Bipolar transistors, Diodes, RF Cell packs, and RF amplifier ICs. A complete line-up of surface-mounted parts is offered to support miniaturized, higher-performance electronic devices. Read More
  • Radiometal 4550 Soft Magnetic Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Radiometal 4550 Soft Magnetic Alloy is 45% Nickel, balance Iron alloy and has excellent permeability with high saturation flux density. Applications include sensitive relays that need to respond to very weak currents. Radiometal 4550 is also widely used in transformers, chokes and special motors... Read More
  • RAH Series By Antenna Factor

    The RAH Series is ideal for products requiring an ultra-compact, aesthetically-pleasing antenna in a right-angle form factor. These antennas feature an FCC Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector. This simplifies packaging and shipment, allowing for easy field replacement while complying with FCC... Read More
  • RCT Series By Antenna Factor

    The RCT 1/2-wave antenna delivers outstanding performance with an innovative articulating base that allows it to tilt and rotate for optimum orientation. The antenna's internal counterpoise eliminates external ground plane dependence and maximizes performance. The RCT attaches via a standard SMA... Read More
  • RF By Freescale Semiconductor

    Offering a broad portfolio of RF products, Freescale primarily serves the wireless infrastructure, wireless personal area network, general purpose amplifier, broadcast, consumer, medical, smart energy, and industrial markets. We pioneered RF technology and continue to be the leader with high... Read More
  • RF Adaptors By Jyebao Co. Ltd

    We keep stock of over 400 kinds of adaptors. We are constantly expanding the adaptor range and are focused on adding more precision adaptors (2.4, K, 3.5, PC7……). Read More
  • RF Cable Assemblies By Jyebao Co. Ltd

    Semi-rigid and RG flexible assemblies represent the bulk of the cable assembly business. We offer a series of standard 18GHz/40GHz low loss test cables for lab use and VNA cables as well as test cables with optional choices in phase matching, armour, snap on connectors, and coupling nuts with... Read More
  • RF Cables By Jyebao Co. Ltd

    We manufactures a wide range of coaxial cables and specializes in semi-rigid, hand-bendable, as well as flexible cable production. Most cables are in stock and they can be supplied on short notice. Read More
  • RF Circuit Boards By American Standard Circuits, Inc.

    American Standard Circuits, Inc. (ASC) is a Mil-Certified, ITAR registered fabricator of RF/Microwave, Metal Backed PCB's (bonded, pre-bonded, and metal core), Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Digital PCB's. All technologies are offered in the "Time Critical/QTA" environment with turn times ranging from 1... Read More
  • RF Circulators By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Kete Microwave have a full series of RF coaxial isolator with SMA or N connectors from 150MHz to 25GHz, the bandwidth from 6MHz to full. These devices are made of magnets and ferrite material. Kete Microwave supplies the devices with high quality and stable performance over a long period of... Read More
  • RF Coaxial Switches By Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) Inc

    ATM manufactures pin diode solid state and electromechanical switches. Read More
  • RF Components By Jyebao Co. Ltd

    We have over 800 standard fixed attenuators and a wide range of other passive components (Matching pads, DC blocks, high power terminations, Phase trimmers…) Read More
  • RF connectors By Jyebao Co. Ltd

    We have over 30 series of connectors and EIA, F, LC that we keep stock of over 2,000 standard RF connectors. We also specialize in customized connectors. Read More
  • RF Connectors By Linx Technologies, Inc.

    The final link to optimum RF performance! connectors are a critical and often overlooked factor in determining the range, reliability and legality of any RF-based product. Through its Connector City division Linx offers a wide variety of connector styles and types, each of which is designed to... Read More
  • RF Inductors - Surface Mount & Thru-Hole By Gowanda Electronics (Affiliate of Gowanda Components Group)

    Gowanda offers a range of standard surface mount and thru-hole RF inductors. SMT designs include thin film, ceramic wirewound (open construction), ferrite wirewound (open construction), and an extensive array of other wirewound designs (epoxy coated, molded, nonmagnetic, shielded, temperature... Read More
  • RF Isolators By Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Kete Microwave offer a full product line of flanges covering waveguide types WR112, WR90 and WR75 etc. from 5.38GHz to 96GHz, the bandwidth from 300MHz to 2GHz. Kete Microwave offers the devices with high quality and stable performance over a long period of time. These devices are made of... Read More
  • RF Measurement Systems By Raymond RF Measurements Corp.

    Raymond RF designs, manufactures and tests, RF Measurement Systems, MultiBase Instruments and contollers, Measurement Software, Positioners and Anechoic Chambers. We offers solutions for Engineering, Precompliance, and Fully Compliance RF measurment requirements. he MultiBase is our modular... Read More
  • RF Orange By MegaPhase LLC

    This cable is constructed with MegaPhase's industry leading GrooveTube® technology and offers excellent phase and amplitude stability. This workhorse cable has been used in large antenna labs and other test facilities where long term electrical performance must be achieved at a economical cost.... Read More
  • RF PIN Switch By RF-LAMBDA Inc.

    RF-Lambda offer active components PIN Diode Switch, Phase shifter, LNA, PA and digital attenuator. passive components such as attenuator termination, circulator, divider and couplers and waveguide components. Read More
  • RF Products By Epec Engineered Technologies

    Epec Engineered Technologies designs and manufactures passive Radio Frequency (RF) filters utilized in satellite systems, mobile communications, radar systems, medical imaging equipment, remote‐sensing systems, and electronic warfare systems. With full mechanical and electrical design... Read More
  • RF Terminations / Loads By MECA Electronics, Inc

    Terminations, or loads, offered by MECA are matched to 50 ohms characteristic impedance. Matched loads provide a termination designed to absorb all the incident power with very little reflection, effectively terminating the line or port in its characteristic impedance. Terminations are used in a... Read More
  • RF Transformers By MiniRF, Inc.

    RF transformers from MiniRF are designed for applications that require small, low cost, and highly reliable surface-mount components. Applications include broadband, wireless, and other communication systems. Read More
  • RFA-4022 Universal Adapter Mega-Plus Kit By RF Connectors

    Ultimate universal adapter system supports field and bench techs The Unidapt™ coaxial adapter system has been a favorite of field and bench technicians for many years. The key element of this system is the small, universal adapter that is used to join any two Unidapt™ adapters with standard... Read More
  • Rigid waveguide sections By M2 Global Technology

    M2 Global's rigid waveguide sections are available in lengths up to 12 feet in copper, aluminum, or brass, for waveguide sizes from WR28 through WR284. Twists of 90 degrees can be incorporated. Most flange options are available, and finishing options include chemical, paint, or plating. E- or... Read More
  • RM16BNC/LAN By Bravo Communications Inc

    BNC Rackmount Surge & Lightning Protection, 16 Ports across in 1U vertical 19.0 rackmount space. For Audio, Video and BNC Ethernet Applications. Includes 25KA hybrid high energy handling, high-quality, high-speed signaling and Port Protection LEDs. Read More
  • RMG Series By Antenna Factor

    The RMG Series combines a high-performance internal GPS antenna with a connector for mounting a secondary antenna. A wide range of connectorized antennas can be attached, enabling the coverage of all popular frequencies. The GPS antenna and connector are housed in a sleek, durable base intended... Read More
  • Rod, Bar - Special Purpose Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    If you need specialty metals or alloys rod or bar, for electronics, magnetic, electrical, or other industrial applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. We stock a variety of rod and bar products in various metals and alloys in a range of sizes and conditions. Let them be your warehouse so you can cut... Read More
  • Rotary-Field Phase Shifers By Microwave Applications Group

    MAG analog rotary-field ferrite phase shifters are uniquely designed to provide an unlimited phase shift with modulo-360 degree phase control characteristics that are independent of frequency, temperature, power level, and ferrite material parameters. Read More
  • RTR 2746 By Macraigor Systems LLC

    RTR 2746 Rugged 200 MHz High-Speed Real-Time Recording and Playback System * Complete multiband recording and playback instrument * Designed to meet MIL-STD-810F requirements * 4 U 19 inch industrial rugged rackmount PC server chassis * Windows® 7 Professional workstation with... Read More
  • RTS 2715 By Macraigor Systems LLC

    RTS 2715 Talon Dual Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Recorder * Records 10 Gigabit Ethernet streams * 1 or 2 channels * TCP and UDP protocols * Copper or optical 10 GbE interfaces * Aggregate recording rates to 2 GB/sec * 4U or 5U 19 inch industrial rack-mount PC server... Read More