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  • TCXO By Ascend Frequency Devices

    Ascend Frequency Devices offers a wide variety of TCXO products, including all the industry standard packages, through-hole or surface mount. This enables our products to be cross referenced into any application. Our precision engineering capabilities enable us to offer tight tolerances that... Read More
  • TCXO - Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators By Greenray Industries Inc.

    Greenray TCXOs are designed for communications, instrumentation and military applications. Our TCXOs feature temperature stabilities of 1ppm or less and are available in a variety of packages, including SMT, and are available from 20 KHz to 1 GHz. We incorporate leading-edge design and... Read More
  • TCXOs By BeckElec

    BeckElec offers a wide variety of TCXOs and VCTCXO products both in our standard product lines from 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.9 mm surface mount to 14 PIN DIL leaded packages and our custom products. We maintain a large inventory of stock especially at 10 MHz. We manufacture our custom products at... Read More
  • Terminal Blocks By METZ CONNECT USA Inc.

    METZ CONNECT has successfully marketed terminal blocks for printed circuit boards worldwide for decades. The portfolio incorporates products for signal and data streams, medium control streams and network connection terminals and output terminals. Read More
  • TestBencher Pro By SynaptiCAD the Timing Diagram Editor Company

    TestBencher Pro provides designers with a graphical environment for rapidly generating and testing bus-functional models for VHDL and Verilog. Graphical timing diagrams and a top-level template file are used to generate the test bench code. The graphical timing diagrams represent reusable bus... Read More
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers (Space Simulation) By Environmental Stress Systems, Inc.

    The ESS, Inc. Space Simulation Thermal Chamber or SSTC has been developed to allow simultaneous thermal vacuum testing of electronic components that may be heated and cooled by direct conduction. The SSTC is a fast, portable and cost effective solution for testing components that must be... Read More
  • Three-Phase Power Line Filters By Curtis Industries / Tri-Mag

    Features: - EMC solutions up to 600A at 600VAC and power applications up to 360kVA - 2-stage filter line supports both Delta and Wye connected loads - Effective noise suppression in the critical 150kHz-30MHz range Applications include: - Motors - Food preparation equipment &... Read More
  • TimingDiagrammer Pro By SynaptiCAD the Timing Diagram Editor Company

    Timing Diagrammer Pro is a feature-laden timing diagram editor with an unbeatable price. Analyze your design in the early stages, before you have a schematic. Perform true full-range min/max timing analysis to eliminate all timing violations and race conditions. Timing Diagrammer Pro... Read More
  • TLY Family of Low Loss Laminates By Taconic

    TLY laminates are manufactured from very lightweight woven fiberglass and are much more dimensionally stable than non-reinforced PTFE composites. The woven matrix yields a more mechanically stable laminate that is suitable for high volume manufacturing and the low Df enables successful... Read More
  • TM-4D By Spectrum Instruments Inc.

    A GPS Timing and Frequency instrument with integrated digital/analog distribution amplifier. Has all of the features of an Intelligent Reference/TM-4 signal generator inside, plus provides 16 digital and 8 analog outputs on its rear panel that can be assigned by the User. Features include... Read More
  • TM4-M+ By Spectrum Instruments Inc.

    A GPS Timing and Frequency instrument with integrated rechargeable battery-based uninterruptible power supply. Allows instrument to be transported without losing power or synchronization to GPS satellites. Features include GPS-disciplined 10 MHz frequency reference, 1PPS precision timing... Read More
  • TM4-PC104 By Spectrum Instruments Inc.

    A GPS Timing and Frequency instrument in a PC/104-compatible form factor. Features include two GPS-disciplined 10 MHz frequency references, multiple 1PPS precision timing references, IRIG-B serial time code generator, Programmable Output Pulse, Multiplexer TTL divide-down outputs, and GPS... Read More
  • TO-6000 Series By KVG North America

    SMD TCXO FR4 19 x 13 mm Temperature Compensated Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator Frequency range: 10 - 200 MHz Frequency stability: +/- 0.5 ppm Various types of output signal available: SINE, HCMOS, LVPECL, LVDS Read More
  • Tropical Assemblies, Inc. By Tropical Assemblies

    Tropical Assemblies is a Electronic Contract Manufacturer supplying a wide range of High Tech and Complex Electronic Products for a variety of industries. Tropical Assemblies specializes in surface mount technology and through-hole manufacturing of printed circuit boards assemblies. We offer... Read More
  • True Blue® flexible cable assemblies By Teledyne Storm Microwave

    Low loss assemblies that provide a great balance of loss, cost, & durability. Excellent insertion loss and phase stability. Durable construction less prone to damage during installation or use. Available in several sizes and a wide variety of connector interfaces, including blindmate &... Read More
  • TSM-DS By Taconic

    TSM-DS is a thermally stable, industry leading low loss core that can be manufactured with the predictability and consistency of the best fiberglass reinforced epoxies. Other features of this dimensionally stable laminate include industry best Df at .0010 @ 10 GHz, low (~5%) fiberglass content,... Read More
  • Tungsten Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Tungsten Alloys (also known as Mallory 1000, Densalloy, Fansteel 77, Densimet) which contain elements such as nickel, copper and iron, produce a host of alloys which have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can be plated or painted to enhance their... Read More
  • TZM Molybdenum Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. stocks TZM Molybdenum in a variety of forms and dimensions. TZM Molybdenum is an alloy of 0.50% Titanium, 0.08% Zirconium and 0.02% Carbon with the balance Molybdenum. TZM Molybdenum is manufactured by either P/M or Arc Cast technologies and is of great utility due to its high... Read More