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  • UltraCMOS® DSAs By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Peregrine's highly linear, monolithic RF DSA family offers a selection of resolutions, minimum attenuation step sizes and termination impedances. Its UltraCMOS® foundation allows for a unique initial attenuation state at power-up. The DSA line provides industry-leading linearity over frequency... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® MOSFET Quad Array Mixer Core By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Extend the reach of your base stations with Peregrine integrated receive mixers. High linearity and remarkable input IP3 performance will pick distant signals out of the haze. Integrated matching RF and LO networks and the tiny 6-lead 3x3 DFN or 20-lead 4x4 QFN package eliminate the need for... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizers By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Get maximum signal clarity with our ultra-low phase noise PLL synthesizers: the Integer-N family for demanding LMDS, MMDS, WLL and other base station systems, and our Fractional-N family for handheld and mobile wireless devices. UltraCMOS technology allows monolithic integration for a variety of... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® Prescalers By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    The high-performance UltraCMOS® RF Prescalers offers a fixed divide ratio of 2, 4, or 8 and an operating frequency ranging from near DC to 13.5 GHz on a nominal 3 V supply while drawing only 12 mA. Packaged in small 8-lead TSSOP, 8-lead MSOP, 6-lead SC70 or 8-lead CSOIC, these devices are ideal... Read More
  • UltraCMOS® RF Switches By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp

    Manufactured on our revolutionary UltraCMOS® technology, the Peregrine product portfolio is poised to meet the demands of a global RF design community – in high-growth applications such as WCDMA and GSM digital cellular, broadband, DTV, DVR and radiation-hard space, defense and avionics... Read More

    Our range of products includes reflow-capable USB connection jacks (Through Hole Reflow) of Type A and Type B. It also includes USB connections (Surface Mount Technology) with Type A and Type B jacks and connector Micro Type B. Read More