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  • RF Circuit Boards

    American Standard Circuits, Inc. (ASC) is a Mil-Certified, ITAR registered fabricator of RF/Microwave, Metal Backed PCB's (bonded, pre-bonded, and metal core), Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Digital PCB's. All technologies are offered in the "Time Critical/QTA" environment with turn times ranging from 1... Read More
  • Digital Circuits

    ASC has the capability of producing a variety of digital circuits from the simplest of circuit boards to highly advanced circuitry. We are dedicated to satisfying your needs and have provided solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications and... Read More
  • Metal Clad PCB's

    Metal Backed PTFE / Micorowave Circuits: - Pre-bonded and post-bonded materials - Metals include Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Composites - Thermally and electrically conductive and non-conductive proprietary and commercially available adhesive bonded laminates - Plated through hole... Read More
White Papers by American Standard Circuits, Inc.
  • Thermal Management of RF and Digital Electronic Assemblies using Optimized Materials and PCB Designs By

    As far as the cooling of electronic devices is concerned, the first question one would ask is “Why are cooling and thermal management of these devices required, with so much hype associated with it?” The simple answer to it is that in any electronic device, its performance, reliability,... Read more
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